Local Area

Owlpen Caravan Park is located in Bransgore, a small village within The New Forest National Park. It is ideally suited as a base, and providing you have a car, which we highly recommend, you are close to sights such as Burley, Lyndhurst, Highcliffe Castle, Bournemouth, Sandbanks, and more.

Burley, The New Forest

This small historic village is set in The New Forest. Surrounded by beautiful heathlands, acres of forested woodland and freely wandering New Forest ponies and cattle. Its history stems back centuries with the Queens Head pub located in the centre that used to be a hot spot for smugglers and highwaymen. There is also lots of noticable pointers to witchcraft and dragons which can be seen walking through the center of the village. Besides the history there are many places to enjoy good food and a beer or local cider.

Highcliffe Castle

Built in the early 19th century it sits on the top of the cliffs, steps lead down to the beach, perfect if you don’t like the touristic beach of Bournemouth. If the weather isn’t fit for the beach the castle and grounds provide a lovely setting for walking around.


Beaches, shops, restaurants, clubs and more. There is plenty to do and see here. Strolling through the parks down to the pier and beaches or shopping and doing lunch in one of the many restaurants. There should be something for everyone.


Sandbanks in Poole is the 4th most expensive place to purchase properties in the world, yes the world! This can be reached by car and takes about 30mins from Owlpen. The main reason to go here, apart from house hunting, is the beach. It is known as the best beach in England, with a shallow bay and wonderful sand. If the weather permits this is definitely worth a look, but get there early! Failing that you can get a short ferry over to studland which provides a beautiful landscape and coastline.